Entrance Fees

Here is a list of entrance fees in Egypt, to major sights and attractions. Please note: the prices are displayed in Egyptian Pound - unless stated otherwise, and are subject to change. We try our best to keep these entrance fees up to date.


Luxor Temple 100

Karnak Temple 120

Karnak Open Air
Museum 60

Colossi of Memnon Free

Valley of the Kings 165
- Tomb of Tutankhamun + 200

Valeey of the Queens 80

Temple of Hatshepsut 85

Medinat Habu 60

Abydos 80

Dendera 80


Egyptian Museum:
 - General entrance fee 120
 - Royal Mummy room 150

Citadel 100

Coptic Museum 100

Sultan Hassan Mosque
& Rifa'i Mosque 60

Cave Church free


-General entrance fee 120
- To go inside Great Pyramid:
- Solar Boat Museum 80

Sakkara 120

Dahshur 60

Memphis 60

Edfu (Temple of Horus) 100

Kom Ombo (Temple of Sobek) 80


Temples of Abu Simbel 160

Aswan High Dam 30

Unfinished Obelisk 60

Philae Temple 100 + boat

Kalabsha Temple 60

Botanical Gardens 40

Nubian Museum 100


National Museum 80

For Qait Bey 40

Catacombs 60

Greco Roman Museum 100

Pompey's Pilar 60

Montazza Gardens 40

Alexandria Library 70

Roman Amphitheatre 80


White Desert 120

Bahariya Oasis 100

Temple of Oracle (Siwa) 40

Mountain of Death (Siwa) 40

Bir Wahed (Siwa) 200


Mt Sinai 25

St Catherine's Monastery 25

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